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26 August 2011

You could just listen to the 8-4 crew talk 3DS rumors, PS3 and Vita announcements, MHP3rdHD, DOTA2 and Street Fighter IV as eSports, games that will hit and miss the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, and the Valve / EA / Activision shit-talkin’ express and then just call it a day. Perfectly acceptable. But if you want the real, secret, best ending to the podcast, bust out some healing herb and stick around as Resident-Evil-superfan Alex “cvxfreak” Aniel joins us in the second half for part 1 of our long-awaited, quote-laden celebration of the seminal survival horror franchise’s 15th anniversary.

Running time: 2:54:46

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Time – Topic Discussed:
19:05 – ICO: Castle in the Mist
25:01 – News: 3DS Add-on Analog, Console Redesigns, Games Convention, EA vs Valve, EA vs Activision, Dota 2, Virtua Fighter 5
1:28:15 – Resident Evil
1:48:15 – Resident Evil 1
2:08:04 – Resident Evil 2
2:26:00 – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
2:33:50 – Resident Evil Code: Veronica
2:43:11 – Resident Evil Zero
2:50:30 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 8/12/2011: ALL NEWS IS GOOD NEWS
Intro: Kazumi Totaka – StreetPass Quest
Ending: Yoko Shimomura – Army Base Brawl (Hyper Street Fighter II)

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8-4 Play 8/12/2011: ALL NEWS IS GOOD NEWS

12 August 2011

In which our heroes discuss: Armored Core V and Dark Souls pushed back, Xenoblade Chronicles moved up, PlayStation Vita coming right on time (sorta), 3DS sales rising (used), 3DS sales falling (new), 3DS sales rising again (post-price drop), addiction to EVO streams, ham withdrawal, what’s good about Peter Moore, what’s bad about Skyrim, who and what will and won’t be at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, and pictures of your Love Plus girlfriend in her santa outfit.

Running time: 1:43:38

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Time – Topic Discussed:
15:34 – News: Iwata’s Comments to Investors, 3DS Price Drop, Love Plus Photo Club
51:06 – Looking Back on Evo2k11
1:03:00 – TGS News: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Absence, Vita Release Date, Disgaea 3 for Vita
1:38:08 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 7/29/2011: $169.99
Intro: The Price is Right Theme Song
Ending: Minna no Rhythm Tengoku – Wrestler Interview

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We’re Hiring!

9 August 2011

8-4, Ltd. is looking for a new Associate Project Manager to join our small team here at our Tokyo office. This would be a newly created position and start on a contract basis, most likely lasting anywhere from 3 to 6 months (the length of at least one major project), with the possibility of continuing after that based on how everything works out. Perks include free tissues and all the free water you can drink.


  • Communicating with clients, freelancers, and co-workers, keeping everyone informed of developments, as they become important
  • Creating and adjusting schedules for individuals and projects as a whole
  • Proofreading and editing text as necessary
  • Doing whatever it takes to get the project done on time and at the highest possible level of quality


  • A strong passion for and deep knowledge of video games
  • Some Japanese language skills
  • Extremely organized, but laid back and flexible enough to handle inevatable changes and problems
  • Great verbal and written communication skills


  • Experience working in localization, writing, or production of some kind within the gaming industry
  • Microsoft Excel abilities such that this world has never witnessed
  • You noticed the typo and unnecessary comma somewhere above in this job description
  • Living in the Tokyo area with a valid working visa
  • Fluent in Japanese

If you’re interested, send a short email saying something about yourself and/or why you’d be great for the job to, and attach your resume. We’ll contact qualified candidates via email, usually within 2 weeks of receiving their resume.

The Joystiq Show: Hyper Mega Capcom Edition

5 August 2011

Mark joins 8-4 superfriend and ex-Capcom producer Ben Judd to talk about Megaman, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and all things Capcom on this podcast from our buddies over at Joystiq.

Click here and listen: The Joystiq Show

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