8-4 Play 6/29/2012: “IT’S JUST TALKING?!”

Come for the talk about 3DS XL, Xbox 720, Lollipop Chainsaw, Tokyo Jungle, Persona 4: The Golden and more — stay for a deep, deep dive into the minds behind Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP on the eve of its Japanese release (being handled by…hey, whattaya know?! 8-4!)

Running time: 3:16:14

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Time – Topic Discussed:
14:48 – Games: Etrian Odyssey 4, Bravely Default Flying Fairy, Tokyo Jungle, Lollipop Chainsaw, Persona 4
50:56 – News: Nintendo Direct, Dragon’s Dogma Sales, Leaked Xbox Docs, Seth Killian Leaves Capcom, Next Smash Brothers
1:37:00 – Closing Comments
1:41:20 – Sworcery Blowout

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

Intro: Soul Asylum – Runaway Train
Ending: Modestep – Show Me A Sign

For more info on The Scythian Steppes, visit sworcery.jp/remix/, and to purchase the album, check it out here on Bandcamp. The album costs $4.99 “or more,” which means you’re welcome to give it the #84bump if you so desire! ($5.84, $8.40, $8,484.84, etc.). If you want to show your support for 8-4, this is pretty much the best way you can do it — AND you get a kickass album to boot! Everybody wins! PS – We <3 you. As always, you can leave comments for us at the "Leave a Comment" link below or via Twitter at @84play. And if you’re new to the show, you can subscribe to 8-4 Play on iTunes right here. Subscribe today!

Thanks for listening!

7 Responses to “8-4 Play 6/29/2012: “IT’S JUST TALKING?!””

  1. Fegg says:

    Sorry for bothering ya, but is there a Japanese equivalent of Mobygames that offers a full credit list? I tried Game Minzoku, GameStaff@wiki and a few others, but they seem to only be listing either the big names in the staff or exclusively pulling up complete credits for big budget games.

  2. theBigSnit says:

    Other than an off color topic about someone thinking they were poisoned by cockroach repellent fumes, there wasn’t much interesting going on in this podcast. But, hey, I still listened and I do look forward to the next one.

  3. Boon says:

    The soundtrack is amazing — as was John’s impassioned pitch, which inspired me to buy it before the podcast was done.

    Love the work you do, happy to support it in whatever way I can. For $5.84. Because I as enthusiastic as I am poor.

    Can you please, please, please, please, please, please find some way to convince Capcom to bring Monster Hunter 4 to the West? I understand it’s probably outside your purview, but as someone who was introduced to Tri and fell in love with the franchise, I feel abandoned and am sad. If you do, I promise to give you 84 of something.

  4. CHW says:

    What’s the music track (at 1:40:00) that bridges the regular show and the Sworcery segment? It’s an orchestral Sworcery rearrangement, but I can’t seem to find it on the The Scythian Steppes album.

    Also, how do I 8-4 bump if I’m paying in a currency other than USD? Do you guys see the amount in the original currency paid, or only the converted USD amount?

  5. donkeykong says:

    I smoked hash.
    While i was listening to your podcast i fell asleep
    It’s a great thing, cuz i have trouble sleeping
    thank you

    I relistened to the show Saturday morning

  6. forgot2panic says:

    The soundtrack was worth the $8.40 I spent and then some. And the fact that you guys spent half the show promoting it gives me faith that my favorite podcasters do indeed have good taste. My listenership shall continue with a clear conscience.

  7. Brett says:

    Going back and listening – this is a great episode. :)

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