8-4 Play 8/7/2015: HOT MESS

Dragon Quest XI, Dark Souls 3, Galak-Z, Final Fantasy XV, N++, Splatoon 2.0 update, Scalebound, Crackdown 3, other Gamescom news and more!

Running Time: 1:35:49

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And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 7/24/2015: MUCHOS FEELS
Intro: Hotzmic – I’m a lady now
Break: Serenati – The Dark Forest Area 2 [Odallus: The Dark Call Original Sound Track]
Ending: Hirokazu Tanaka – Balloon Fight Main Theme

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6 Responses to “8-4 Play 8/7/2015: HOT MESS”

  1. Hexor says:


    You guys are in paradise. These are my “normal” temps.

  2. Dood says:

    Not discussing the Nikkei/Konami thing is a big letdown. But saying its enough for a podcast at the very end after shilling Galak-Z incoherently and not very attractively for +10 minutes and rambling shallow muck about wargaming and World of Whatever is an unsubscribe.

    What the hell guys? You were so much fucking fun with that unabashed passion for the stuff most of us abandoned 2 gens ago that it made me play god damn DS games again.

    Its like the last remnants of soul in that hollow husk left with the Interns. I listen to so many shitty podcasts during coding or analysis dregde but this was such a painful drag that only the wait for the (or so i thought) centerpiece Konami bit kept me from turning away in agony.

    And then you fucking laugh it off? A god damn Pillar of japanese Game Culture burns gamings only Auteur openly, now more smut bubbles up that basically short of identifies them as one of those flamboyant color / big on tattoos gig and there is fucking nothing? Im an MGS meganerd, loved shitloads of Konami games, and was waiting for this episode the second since this bomb dropped.

    Thanks for the Wargaming update, Galak-Z disservice blubber and all the other flat farts in the 2 hours. Should have went with slurpy noises and more Adam Sandler. Thousands of podcasts i listened to and the first time ill actually write:

    Thanks for so blatantly not giving a shit and wasting 2 hours of my fucking time.

  3. Kevin Rose says:

    Seriously guys. What’s with the digg button on the 8-4.jp site? Like pouring salt in an open wound. T_T

  4. Chris says:

    What are the songs in this episode?

  5. Sly says:

    Awesome episode (as usual)! Hey, what’s that awesome music playing before that last song at the end?

  6. Chris C says:

    Hey 8-4, I recently (as in yesterday) found you through this Vice article “http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/these-are-the-five-video-gaming-podcasts-you-need-in-your-life-740” I have listened to the last 4-5 podcast’s so far and it’s been awesome. I see you have some negative comments on the older podcasts and really can’t see why. It is a well rounded podcast with a right mix of people and topics and I’m looking forward to hearing more of these.

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