8-4 Play 10/2/2015: A WINNER IS YU

Dragon’s Dogma Online, Super Mario Maker, Destiny: The Taken King, Disgaea 5, DOTA 2, Oculus’s price, Junji Ito’s Silent Hills, Starfox’s delay, Edge’s top 100 games, and Pokemon’s asses.

Running Time: 1:51:51

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Time – Topic Discussed:

16:42 – Super Mario Maker
30:53 – DOTA 2, Destiny
45:00 – Dragon’s Dogma Online, DayZ, Disgaea 5, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
1:03:43 – News: Star Fox Zero Delay, Xenoblade Chronicles X Preview Info, Game Voice Actors Strike Potential
1:18:27 – PT: Junji Ito Involvement, Minecraft on Oculus, Oculus Price, Twitch Beats Dark Souls, New Donkey Kong World Record
1:28:10 – JJ’s Mobile Game Picks, Beat Takeshi’s Yakuza 6 Debut, E-sports Coming to Primetime, Cancelled Conker Game, Pokemon Butts, Chibirobo, Scalebound’s Origins, Gamespot Clings to Discs
1:37:51 – EDGE’s Top 100 Games List
1:44:12 – Closing Remarks

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 9/18/2015: TOKYO GAME SHOW 2015
Intro: Owl City – Clap Your Hands
Break: My Summer Lesson Trailer
Ending: Playstation 4 “I can do this” commercial

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10 Responses to “8-4 Play 10/2/2015: A WINNER IS YU”

  1. Cassidy says:

    Correction: You are correct that you need both the outdated, anemic DLCs in order to get Taken King. If you are a day-one pre-ordered faithful-to-bungie Vanilla Destiny owner, there are only two ways to get Taken King. The first way is buying the DLC Season Pass and Taken King, for seventy dollars. The other is re-buying the Legendary Version of the base game–the game you already bought thinking it would be a good game–for sixty dollars.

    Please stop talking about Destiny. Even if it’s a good game now, it’s a big eff you to people who were let down the first time. It’s gross, frankly.

  2. Adam Ballard says:

    I still get bummed out when I think of how amazing Silent Hills could have been. I have never read manga but I’m definitely going to check out Junji Ito after hearing his praises.

  3. Art says:

    awesome episode!! It’s great to hear from JJ and Hiroko again

  4. Lard says:

    Jesus fucking christwhore, Macdonald.

    I swear on our lord and master Satan, that if you talk about Destiny on one more podcast, I will personally fly to Japan, find you and kick you in the testicles until your new wife divorces you because you are unable to father children.


  5. Adam says:

    It’s so great that JJ is back! (John and Hiroko too!)
    This was a nice return to classic 8-4 podcasts! Keep it up!

  6. Rodrigo says:

    I enjoy your Destiny talk Mark, keep it up!

  7. David says:

    What was the first song from the end of the podcast, was it part of a PlayStation commercial as well?

    I don’t mind Mark’s Destiny talk either as someone who plays quite a bit. It’s not a game for everyone but its more fun than it gets credit for.

  8. derp says:

    Mark/JJ: one of y’all should check out Undertale

  9. Lard says:

    Can’t wait to listen to Macdonald jerk off about Destiny’s microtransactions and how great this will be for consumers on the next show.

  10. Greg O says:

    I was just reading issue #200 of EGM the other day before hearing the podcast, that list still stands as one of the best. You guys actually picked Super Mario Bros. as numero uno.

    I want to say how great of a podcast you guys do. I’ve been a fan of the EGM crew since way back and it’s always interesting to hear your take on things. John’s little Japan report each issue used to be a highlight, so the podcast is like a current version of old EGM for me (the non exEGMer’s at 8-4 are all great too though!).

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