Fire Emblem Heroes, Resident Evil 7, Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Nintendo financials, Switch news, Cup Noodles, Evo 2017, and more!


Running Time: 1:48:34

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Time – Topic Discussed:

4:16 – Fire Emblem Heroes
15:35 – Resident Evil 7
44:30 – Gravity Rush 2
54:17 – Yakuza 0
1:04:00 – Switch news
1:23:30 – Evo 2017 games
1:25:00 – Masaya Nakamura passing
1:27:35 – Lighting Round: FF7, Cup Noodles,
1:30:55 – Nicknames
1:40:53 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 1/20/2017: BULKY GAMING PODCAST
Intro:Kōhei Tanaka – Battle Theme (Gravity Rush)
Break: Yoko Shimomura – Out of Phase (Parasite Eve)
Ending: Lil Yachty – Minnesota

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6 Responses to “8-4 Play 2/3/2017: THE MARKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW”

  1. Adam says:

    fuck Lard

  2. Jimbo McCoy says:

    Gaming Jesus Gummy Jimmy Gammy Juju Gemma Jessie Gimbal Jeffrey Gimmick Jeezy Gumbo Jammer Gimmie Jester Gamma Djose…

  3. Lard says:

    JJ – Am I happy? Relatively, except for spending eleven minutes talking about a crappy anti-consumer phone game!

    The rest of it was good, especially when Mark “Gaming Judas” McDonalds left early!

    Although RE 7 looks like a bad knockoff of a Rob Zombie movie.

  4. Lincoln Thurber says:

    We cannot let stand the concept that “save(d) my bacon” is an idiom that is out of use or unknow. Not knowing it is fine, but implying it is not commonly used is too far!

    1. Archer (2009 TV Series)
    Episode: Training Day (2010)
    Good show, Archer! You really saved my bacon.
    You really saved my bacon.
    Seriously Krieger, you are my Oprah.

    2. Batman: The Animated Series (1992 TV Series)
    Episode: Night of the Ninja (1992)
    “Thanks for saving my bacon, Robin!”

    3. Warehouse 13 (2009 TV Series)
    Episode: Emily Lake (2011)
    Dickens is solid. Saved my bacon.

    4. Gargoyles (1994 TV Series)
    Episode: Leader of the Pack (1995)
    Thanks for saving my bacon before it got fried.

    5. Birdman of Alcatraz (1962)
    She’s worked her heart out for me. She saved my bacon.

    6. Vera Cruz (1954)
    Hey, you saved my bacon back there.
    Too bad, You never know. Ace Hannah ran a gamblin’ joint back in Laredo. Shot my old man in a stud

    7. Portal 2 (2011 Video Game)
    Oh, thank god. You saved my bacon, pal. Where we going? Is this a jailbreak? I can’t see a thing.

    8. Rex the Runt (1992 TV Series)
    Saved my bacon, and no mistake.

  5. There are too many games. It’s hard for me to get into Fire Emblem Heroes, I’ve spent so much more time in Final Fantasy Brave Exvious. Great show guys, Thanks!

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