8-4 Play 5/6/2011: WII 2, PSN 0

Bin Laden is dead. The galaxy is at peace. What better way to celebrate than with 8-4 Play and a ton more talk about Nintendo’s Wii successor and Sony’s ongoing PSN woes? To help brief us on the latest intel, we called in former US Navy Seals Shane “Bill Rizer” Bettenhausen and Evan “Lance Bean” Shamoon, who also share thoughts on Portal 2, the new Sony tablets, El Shaddai, and Sonic’s legitimacy (or lack thereof?).

Running time: 2:18:30

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Time – Topic Discussed:
11:40 – Game Talk
53:23 – PSN and Nintendo Project Café Talk
1:30:00 – Nintendo Conference Call and Sony Tablet Talk
2:14:23 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 4/22/2011: PROJECT CAFÉ OLÉ
Intro: Cali Swag District feat. DJ JJ – Teach Me How to Snuggie
Break 1: Michiru Yamane – New Meridian (Skullgirls)
Break 2: Yasunori Mitsuda — 飛翔 (Hishou) -Orchestral Version- (-MYTH- The Xenogears Orchestral Album)
Ending: Naofumi Hataya – Palmtree Panic (Good Future) (Sonic CD Soundtrack)

Also…this week’s links! (We’re getting better at this!)

・Fugly Android: http://fuglyandroid.tumblr.com/

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7 Responses to “8-4 Play 5/6/2011: WII 2, PSN 0”

  1. No way is Sonic CD better than Mario 2. Here’s one key reason: Wacky Workbench. One of the single most aggravating Sonic levels ever made, and add to that the fact that you’re supposed to be looking for the goal posts to the past so that you can destroy Robotnik’s robot generator and create a good future. I hate that level.

    Here’s another reason: Collision Chaos. There is a point in this zone where you come upon a field of bounce bumpers, and it’s infuriating to get across.

    Yet another reason: The bonus stages. You forget that the bonus stages are the alternate way of achieving a good future, but these are impossible. I’ve yet to find anyone who is good at Sonic CD’s Mode 7 bonus stages. They’re aggravating, because you’re supposed to destroy a bunch of floating targets, and you can’t even tell how far you are from them. Often, I think I’m hitting them, but I just pass right by them.

    THIS is the game that you say is better than Mario 2? You lie! Mario 2 is great. I’m tired of people shitting on it. If you’re going to pick an inferior Mario game, at least pick one that actually sucks, like the Lost Levels or Super Mario Land 2.

    Oh, and here’s something else that’s going to hurt: Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the best game of the series; far better than Sonic CD or Sonic 2. Here’s why: Long, sprawling stages that are actually fun to explore, even if you’re not given phony rewards for doing so. Unique boss battles on every stage. A real save feature. Bonus stages that are actually winnable.

    • Robotbling says:

      I thought it was pretty much the consensus that Sonic CD is the best game in the series. I don’t have an opinion, to me it’s like asking which pile of shit smells worse.

  2. Cristian says:

    Too much bashing for something you know nothing about. How can people who live in Japan ignore all the great Wii titles I don’t know but whatever. Shit podcast was shit.

    • Robotbling says:

      I don’t think they’re bashing it, so much as pointing out that the Wii is essentially dead in Japan. Ninty dropped the ball. There hasn’t been any decent Wii releases in a long time, it is clearly on its way out. I wish Nintendo had used the Wii to do some unique stuff, but ultimately they didn’t do much beyond Wii Sports and Wii Play. Where are the new ideas? They could give Mario Kart (and the sports), Donkey Kong, Kirby, etc. a rest and make some new IPs, but they didn’t.

      Meanwhile, third parties have almost universally shunned the system. Great games like Zack and Wiki, Little King’s Story, Muramasa, Dewy’s Adventure, Klonoa remake, and so on didn’t sell very well, so what do you expect? Of course Dragon Quest X looms on the horizon, but if it’s not coming until 2012, I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t move to 3DS or Cafe.

      And then you have shit like Nintendo not announcing Xeno Blade and Last Story for North America, as if the Wii was drowning in high quality titles in 2011… LOL. My Wii collects dust while I finish off the last of the DS backlog. I love my Wii but it has been in a downward spiral for some time now.

  3. Chuck Franklin says:

    What I think of when I hear about Project Café:

    The controller at Karaoke: look through that things’s menu and realize the functions it has, at Every karaoke party time there is always one person hogging that thing.

    – Bear with me a for a minute: according to media create http://www.m-create.com/shouhin_shoukai/3DS_research.htm more then 60% of the time 3DS is used in the living room. In the old internet zone I’ve heard many different explanations for this type of phenomenon: mainly the being you don’t have a tv per person as in America. It’s been said you can play the games stream onto the controller without the tv, This controller eliminates one of the main problems behind console gaming here

    – Now Iwata said in his quarterly briefing, that it requires too much work to enjoy wii channels as they are now.

    – Imagine this new remote, it’s there on your living room floor/ table incredibly easy to just pick up and go through the channels on the screen, no messing with the tv or pressing a power button on the wii required.

    – Even if the tv is occupied instead of playing your psp/ds, you can play current gen level tech while your family is enjoying other tv programs and still have fun family time,

    with incredible easy Nintendo simplicity, you browse the news, weather, tv show schedule, order pizza all while the family is together in the living room watching some other program.

  4. biggersmaller says:

    I feel like there was something I was supposed to Google. What was that again?

  5. apoc_reg says:

    Hey Mark and crew,long time listener, first time caller… Er. Yeah anyway. Any chance of a Japanese line on Persona 5? Is it thought to be happening… Platform etc???

    Be good if you could keep it on the radar and let us know!!!


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