8-4 Play 7/15/2011: ¡QUE MAGNIFICO!

Played Shadows of the Damned? You should! Why? 1) Read the reviews, it’s a great game! 2) We here at 8-4 worked on it! 3) Oh yeah, so did some other guys, Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami. 4) You will enjoy this podcast a helluvalot more, since we discuss the soundtrack with legendary game musician Akira Yamaoka and talk shop about creating the script. When you tire of our self-congratulatory nonsense, there’s plenty more chit-chat about Xenoblade, PS4 motion controls, Dragon’s Crown, Final Fantasies XIII-2 and Theatrhythm, and more. Do me, do m—er, do it!

Running time: 2:31:20

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Time – Topic Discussed:
7:00 – Xenoblade, Frozen Synapse, Darksiders
27:24 – Shadows of the Damned
57:34 – Akira Yamaoka Interview
1:40:50 – News: PS4 Kinect-like Controls, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Theatrhythm, Dragon’s Crown, Bioshock Infinite
2:27:45 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 7/1/2011: TOO HOT FOR TV
Intro: Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
Break: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Slingshot (Daytona USA 2)
Ending: ACE+ – Those Who Bear Their Name (Xenoblade)

Thanks for listening!

25 Responses to “8-4 Play 7/15/2011: ¡QUE MAGNIFICO!”

  1. valru says:

    For Sprsk: Use MotionInJoy PS3 driver with 360 controller emulated option, Darksiders supports the 360 pad natively.

  2. Benjamin Camacho Garcia says:

    Whose idea was to name the character Garcia Hotspur? Being mexican I can tell that’s not a very mexican name, because Garcia is only used as a surname, and Hotspur, well, I don’t think that’s even a spanish surname. That’s said, I really don’t mind, I’m just wondering

  3. Commodore75 says:


    I’m a relatively new listener.
    I’ve been cutting back on my gaming-related podcast-listening, but 8-4 stays on my iPhone for obvious reasons.

    I don’t like Ragnarok Online or other asian games, but really who does?

    I like games like P.N.03, Bayonetta, Vanquish, Ikaruga, RE4, Resident Evil: REmake, DeadRising 2, etc.
    So when I found out you ppl were working on Shadows of the Damned I was really looking forward to your next podcast.
    Sort of disappointed when you didn’t talk about it in the first podcast after its release … but then I thought it was kind of cool of you to let [the market] have its way and just see what happens …
    and then [have your way with my ears] with a podcast with that music-making guy who has been making sweet love to my ears for the last couple of weeks.
    I didn’t play the Silent Hill games (tried it for 5 minutes and gave up), but I’m really happy ’bout preordering SotD so I would get the “album” as a download.

    … but
    1) the dlc [album] doesn’t contain all the AWSOME tracks from the game. Only a lot of great tracks. Oh, the horror.
    2) I’m sure I risk stepping on someone’s toes, but early on in the game, in fact the last line in the tutorial, and something that is cover in things like the Giant Bomb Quick Look, … sure , the game is sefl-aware in a very nice way, but … there are lines that are too much … rubbing it in the gamer’s face … and the “Not according to the internet”-line was too cheesey for even me,
    3) The gun aming isn’t perfect

    that said, I’ll keep this really short,
    i) Holy shit this is a great game!! THANK YOU!
    ii) I don’t get how people either don’t mention the story or says it ain’t great. I’ll agree that it might not be the most original … but it is a great story. And while I can see why people don’t want a sequel, I think it’s open for one…
    iii) Any complaints about a passive Paula can be answered by a) She’s not a daemon hunter, b) [end game spoilers]
    iv) Penis jokes … We’re all grown up enough … and these ones are FANTSTIC!

    summa sumarum
    Thank You!
    for a great podcast.
    Thank You!
    for your participation in this great game!


  4. BobbyWatson says:

    Any reason why the Play for Japan album is not available on the Canadian iTunes store? I was looking for it tonight searching for “Play for Japan” or “Akira Yamaoka”, but the album did not show up at all…

  5. Long-time listener, first-time writing; just wanted to let you know that I whipped together a Wikipedia article for you guys (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8-4) because I felt you’re notable enough. I submitted a “Did you know…” nomination so your article might get featured on the main page in a few days. I’ll let you know if/when it does. Keep it up! :P

  6. Oh, forgot to mention this, but feel free to fix anything you think is inaccurate (wasn’t 100% on some of the details) or let me know and I can do it. Also, if you have a list of publicity/articles about your company lying around somewhere, they would make awesome additions to the articles.

  7. Shin says:

    Great podcast !

    just wanted to drop a comment here:
    I’m french, but I’m lucky enough to be fluent in english so I played SotD in english, once I finished the game I restarted the game on hard while setting my 360 in french, I gotta say, I have a resonable background in translating entitles since my mom is the buisness (technical stuff but translations still…) the english script is SO good that it’s impossible to translate the game in other languages (at least french)
    From the half hour I played in french, I’d say 99% of the jokes are lost in translation, which is a pity since it’s clearly the “juice” of the game, but expected, really.

    Again congrats on such an amazing script! I LOVED the books/fairy tales thing, and it translated really, really well into the game :)

    the game felt just right but I would have loved to have more backstory on the game (you mention some of it was taken out)

    from what I gather, the jp version doesn’t include the english dub at all ? (I was considering importing the jp version too but jp dub only is a bit of a turnoff I guess because my japanese is ok but not good enough to enjoy a game 100%)

    too bad EA “forgot” to market the game, I guess I can stop hoping for a sequel …

  8. waldo says:

    Why cant you change control keys for darksiders to the way you prefer them? xbox ps pads work with pc as poster above suggests.

  9. Shin says:

    just curious, what happened to the line “I’m Garica Hotspur, hunter of demons, my wrath is your hell”, I’m pretty sure it wasnt left “as is” in the final game.

  10. Stuart says:

    This was a great episode, and the icing on the cake was CYBORG HIROKO.

    The guest format worked pretty well, and I’m looking forward to hearing from more guests in the future.

  11. Aria says:

    The way you handled the dubbing is so annoying! =( I realize leaving it in Japanese isn’t an option, but at least have the dub seem natural. Don’t slow it down so it would match perfectly. You could splice the translations after he says stuff, or have the translation be shorter than what he says, so we can hear the beginning and end

    • MarkMacD says:

      Thanks for the feedback — it wasn’t us slowing it down actually, we put that effect on Hiroko’s voice intentionally to make her sound more like a (robot) man. That said we got some feedback that maybe it’d be less jarring as a woman’s voice after all, so we are considering adjusting how we handle this kinda things in the future.

  12. qurao says:

    This is the first episode I’ve listened to, and I’m now subscribed; I’ll check out some earlier episodes at a later point.

    The interview with Akira Yamaoka was very interesting, and I smiled and grinned throughout most of it.

  13. Helen C says:

    Loved the show, but I’m also not a fan of the weird sound effect on the translation. I think it would be pretty clear which are the translated parts if you just kept it to hearing a few Japanese words first that fade out as Hiroko starts talking.

  14. Martin Penwald says:

    I agree with what Helen C said; leaving Hiroko’s voice without any effects and just having 1 or 2 seconds of Japanese before she starts talking would be better.

    Or just release an unedited version of the interview for people who speak Japanese ;)

  15. nickthedude says:


    do you guys have a link to that journey 8-bit joint I want to use it in my wedding. ive found a few but they’re not the same.



  16. Volt says:

    Oh man, while I was listening I was like “What’s with the cyborg voice?” But then I realised that it was Hiroko! Awesome.

    I dunno, I kinda liked it. Funny, at least.

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