8-4 Play 11/24/2011: SKYRIM-WARDLOFT SWORD…ERS

Question: Which game should you be playing right now, Skyrim or Zelda: Skyward Sword? Answer: Yes. Honestly, that’s all you need to know, but the 8-4 crew prattles on anyway in a spoiler-free discussion of the glorious highs and bowel-quaking lows (OK, more like the minor annoyances) of two of this year’s best games, then chit-chat (read: rage) about Sony’s PSP UMD-to-Vita transfer program, rumors about the next Xbox, and online buzz on the future of Metal Gear in news.

Running time: 2:21:13

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Time – Topic Discussed:
8:49 – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
48:00 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
1:35:22 – News: UMD-to-Vita, Super Tanooki Skin, Xbox 3 Rumors, Metal Gear Solid: Rising
2:16:44 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 11/10/2011: HOOKED ON THE BROTHERS
Intro: Group X – Super Mario Twins
Ending: AKB48 – Heavy Rotation

Also…this week’s links!

Rimalus Bruiant loves dogs

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7 Responses to “8-4 Play 11/24/2011: SKYRIM-WARDLOFT SWORD…ERS”

  1. ArgentR says:

    Quick note about hotkeys for Skyrim on the PC. Actually you can set weapons/spells/shouts/potion/etc from the quick menu (Q) to the number keys from 1 to 8 (why not 9 and 0 as well, I don’t know).

    Just like on the console, you open the quick menu, highlight the item and press left or right on the D-pad, on the PC you open the quick menu, highlight the item and press a number key from 1 to 8 to assign that item to that key. You get 6 more hotkeys than on the console basically.

  2. Jayson says:

    Figured I would give my two cents on the whole vita umd transfer thing. I dont mind paying a smaller sum to download a copy of the game I own. Your gut reaction as a consumer is to be mad at the proposition, but you have to think that developers have already lost large sums of money during the PSP generation, I cant imagine them loving the idea of giving away their games. There is also the whole used game thing. If I can go to a game store and buy 50 PSP games used and download them all for free, how does the developer make any money. I dont see it as developers and Sony trying to make an extra buck off me but rather Sony and developers trying to break into the black (profit)

  3. John says:

    Sorry for re-posting this, but my curiosity just can’t be helped :P Also, i’l be posting untill i get an answer. I hope this isn’t some kind of annoyance. I simply wish to know more :)

    Alright, tons of new questions for the wonder group! (sounds like a suitable nickname ;)) Hope these aren’t too personal. Let’s get started!

    So when did you all start learning japanese? Were you interested in Japan and it’s culture early in your life? Or was it something you started dedicating more time to in recent years? ( Before you moved )

    Also, was there any sort of tutoring/classes involved? Or did you learn/study the language and culture on your own?

    Also: I know you’ve already replied to this question on one of your podcasts, but here in Europe we have slightly different definitions of what a “degree” is.

    Last time, you replied that we didn’t necessarily need a degree ( At least the majority of the people working there didn’t have one ) to be considered as a potential candidate. Do you mean that we do not need to attend college entirely?


  4. sdf says:

    Don’t know his name on the podcast but he needs to chill the fuck out. The Ricardo soundalike with the pointless references and obnoxious bad manner.

  5. Jotacon says:

    Once again I am late to the case, but it was an excellent episode hilarious as always. I just started Skyward sword while all of my other friends started Skyrim and it was good to hear about both. Man, I am upset about the PSP thing so lets see how things go.

    PETA does kill pets because it does not agree with their beliefs which includes that pets are being mistreated by being pets. Sometimes they got to pounds to put the animals down, either way crazy people.

  6. Denton says:

    The Oblivion glitch with the dogs is actually much stranger than you might imagine. Each house has its own “family” which can enter it without triggering a trespassing response. For some reason, Rimalus Bruiant is not part of the Bruiant family group. The whole bunch of them are only meant to be encountered outside their house, so when you pickpocket their key and enter the house when Rimalus is in there, his AI wife and dogs recognize him as a trespasser and attack him of their own programming.

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