8-4 Play 5/24/2013: FOUR ON ONE

The Forza 5 racing, familiar-innovative servicing, new controller Kinecting, Halo TV multi-tasking, temperature-reading, screen-sharing, sometimes / always / never-online, Quantum Breaking, rental-renting, EA-bro-fisting, interactive smoke-and-mirroring, Cheapy D’ing, Call-of-Duty fine-hair splitting, smart-glassing, Ray Barnholtin’, fingernail-dirt-meets-water-cooler fueled by the infinite power of the cloud entertainment experience that is the Xbox One.

Running time: 2:35:39

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Time – Topic Discussed:

3:45 – Expectations
8:07 – Name and Hardware
19:16 – Kinect
26:00 – TV and Multitasking
36:49 – Cloud
39:10 – EA Sports and Fantasy Football
53:40 – Mixed Messages
1:08:50 – The Games
1:24:54 – Are you Mad?
1:33:38 – Indie Games and BC
1:39:46 – Other: Skype, Smartglass, Specs
1:45:50 – Final Thoughts
2:00:00 – 8-4 Play Interview: Ray Barnholt
2:31:45 – Closing Comments

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And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 5/17/2013: ZAPPA YOW YOW BOYS
Intro: Yuichi Hirose – Catenae Fortunae (Dies Irae) (Pandora’s Tower)
Break: Power Glove – Training Montage (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon)
Ending: Richard Band, Rick Jackson & Brian Luziette – Intro (ClayFighter 63⅓)

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