Happy New Year, folks! Somehow it’s 2016 already, which means we’re back again with another fun-loving installment of our yearly tribute to the best “nengajōs” (New Year’s cards) from around the Japanese gaming industry. By this point, you should be able to recite the nengajō Wikipedia page backwards, but if you’re new here (welcome!), or you need a refresher on just what the hell a nengajō is, head on over to this link and prepare to be enlightened.

(And if you missed our previous installments, feel free to check them out here: 20112012201320142015)

This past year was a special one for 8-4, as we turned 10 years old in October (October 5, to be exact), so rather than go the usual route of finding a rad up-and-coming game and pimping it to the world before it blows up and gets super famous (what can we say, we like being opinion leaders), this year we decided to take a different approach and celebrate the occasion of turning 10. We teamed up with our good friend and amazing logo designer Cory Schmitz to come up with a 10th anniversary image to celebrate the first decade of 8-4, which you can see below. 8-4’s colors were inspired by the Famicom (Japan’s NES), and our name comes from the final stage of Super Mario Bros. (a symbol of ultimate accomplishment tied to a beloved Japanese game from our childhoods), which hopefully explains the Famicom cartridge motif and colors used on the card. And of course, 2016 is the year of the monkey, thus the cute little simian chilling up in the top-left.

As always, we’ve put together a collection of some of the other cool cards from around the Japanese industry for you to peruse as well, so have a look below (click through for larger versions!), and let us and/or the creators what you think!

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