You could just listen to the 8-4 crew talk 3DS rumors, PS3 and Vita announcements, MHP3rdHD, DOTA2 and Street Fighter IV as eSports, games that will hit and miss the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, and the Valve / EA / Activision shit-talkin’ express and then just call it a day. Perfectly acceptable. But if you want the real, secret, best ending to the podcast, bust out some healing herb and stick around as Resident-Evil-superfan Alex “cvxfreak” Aniel joins us in the second half for part 1 of our long-awaited, quote-laden celebration of the seminal survival horror franchise’s 15th anniversary.

Running time: 2:54:46

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Time – Topic Discussed:
19:05 – ICO: Castle in the Mist
25:01 – News: 3DS Add-on Analog, Console Redesigns, Games Convention, EA vs Valve, EA vs Activision, Dota 2, Virtua Fighter 5
1:28:15 – Resident Evil
1:48:15 – Resident Evil 1
2:08:04 – Resident Evil 2
2:26:00 – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
2:33:50 – Resident Evil Code: Veronica
2:43:11 – Resident Evil Zero
2:50:30 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 8/12/2011: ALL NEWS IS GOOD NEWS
Intro: Kazumi Totaka – StreetPass Quest
Ending: Yoko Shimomura – Army Base Brawl (Hyper Street Fighter II)

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18 Responses to “8-4 Play 8/26/2011: MAY CONTAIN SCENES OF EXPLICIT VIOLENCE AND GORE”

  1. jr says:

    There was suppose to be an EVO Japan earlier in the year but it was cancelled due to the earthquake. For the low prize money for Godsgarden I think there are laws in Japan that do not allow for it. SBO is streamed but you have to buy it and it’s only streamed on Nico Nico.

    if people want to learn more about fighting game news you can visit iplaywinner.com and shoryuken.com

  2. dux says:

    Totally agree with John. When I got the email from EA announcing Origin, I felt that same knife stab me in the side.

  3. valru says:

    Growing up in Vancouver (I’m 3rd year Uni now), which is basically 60% madeup of various asian communities, you either played dota, counterstrike, diablo, starcraft, or random sports consoles games. It’s safe to say the majority who had every touched a computer knew what Dota was at my high school. Valve has got the right name as I’m not even sure if most people remember what the acronym of dota even means.

    Anyways, Icefrog is the guy developing Dota2 for Valve, and has done this while concurrently updating and balancing dota for the past six years, and plans to even beyond Dota2’s release. There have been 2 successive developers prior to Icefrog that kind of disappeared after handing off the project. It’s safe to say that Dota would not be as refined or as popular without Icefrog’s continued contributions.

    Blizzard is developing a MOBA for StarCraft 2. MOBA is the genre that spawned out of dota and its clones. Blizzard’s project from the get go has been intended for a wider audience, and is not really a sequel, nor a port of dota, but more so a MOBA map/gametype for StarCraft 2. None the three known developers of dota are working on that project, and no one I know that ever played dota is really interested.

    I know quite a few people that still play the original dota on alternative hacked non-battle.net networks like dotacash, as well as people that play clones like League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth. However, none of them plan to stick with those games past dota2. As far as they’re concerned, Icefrog and Valve are developing the only dota/MOBA worth playing.

    Sorry for the essay, I just felt like I needed to drop some knowledge as I grew up around dota, a rarity for most people in North America.

  4. BobbyWatson says:

    Great podcast, as usual. I do wish Mr. Gaming Jesus would drop fewer F-bombs, but hey, I’m probably the only one, so no worries, and I’m not going to stop listening to the podcast because of it.

    Great segment on Resident Evil. I’ve never played any game in the series, but I am now officially somewhat curious about it. Thanks!

    Quick question though: for a newbie like me, what’s the best order in which to play them? Just go with the dates they came out?

  5. Robotbling says:

    Regarding the terrible voice acting from Resident Evil, I remember reading in a Game Fan interview that supposedly the voice actors were directed by a Japanese person (English wasn’t their language) and he told the actors to speak slowly so that players wouldn’t miss important clues. So it was partly a language barrier and partly for game play purposes.

  6. Andrew G says:

    Brilliant podcast as usual. As a huge Resident evil fan who has been playing it from the start i really enjoyed the discussion and reminising about the games. I hope the next instalment isn’t too far away as i can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the remake among many other things. Also JJ please keep putting in those digs about the ninokuni podcast – id love to hear at least a little bit of chat about both the DS and the PS3 version

  7. Cliff says:

    Great podcast, LOVED the Resident Evil stuff. Hope you guys don’t skip your opinions about RE: Online and the movies, I mean films, for the next one.

  8. yannguyt says:

    I love these super long podcasts where you guys dissect a game (series) even if I’ve never played any of them.
    How about Ninja Gaiden, hmmm ?

  9. Hooray! REcast, finally! I’ve never actually played a Resident Evil game but I’ve watched plenty of friends play them and have always had a sort of “academic” interest in the story. Looking forward to part 2.

    Also, this isn’t the first time you’ve mentioned Alexander O. Smith as a “friend of the show”. Perhaps you guys might have him on as a guest sometime to talk about localization? It could be a follow-up to the Richard Honeywood interview which was incredibly interesting IMO.

  10. Nelson says:

    I listen to your podcast every week and it has become my favorite, by far. I probably basically have a podcast collection on my computer, at this point, with at least 15 different podcasts by different groups, so that is high praise, believe me.

    There is a lot of humor in your podcasts that is GENERALLY warm spirited and well-intentioned and it always makes me smile. I always feel like everyone that participates in your podcast is treated either equally well, or equally bad :) , and I like that. I always know that Mark or someone is going to say something during the podcast that will probably make me smile or laugh out loud and that is something I have really grown to appreciate lately, the gift of laughter.

    I think Mark would probably make a great comedian, if he ever decided to try it out. The same intellect and wit needed to be a great writer I think would also transition well to that career.

    I guess I just like the relationship that you guys have. I almost want to fly to Japan and just hang out for a few days. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I think that would be a great grand prize for an 8-4 Play Contest or sweepstakes.

    I just finished listening to the Resident Evil podcast and loved it, although the only Resident Evil game I’ve ever played was Resident Evil 4, for the PC, and that was maybe for an hour, because the port to the PC just felt god awful to me. I had read so many awesome reviews for Resident Evil 4 that I had to try it, but I didn’t have a console at the time to try it on, so I went with the PC version.

    I’m still hoping that if they repackage all of the series for PS3 I can pick it up at some point in the future, to try it out in high definition.

    I love the Resident Evil movies, for the most part, and as far as I know Mark has never mentioned them in any podcasts, ever, so I am assuming that there is no love for those movies from you guys, but maybe I am wrong. If I am wrong, please set the record straight for me, but if not, please don’t shower me with your hatred for the movies, because I actually like them.

    Anyway, thanks for an excellent podcast and a lot of laughs and good times.

  11. Monkey0111 says:

    Fantastic RE podcast. I’ve been eagerly anticipating it ever since you guys first talked about it, and part 1 definitely did not disappoint! A little bummed that you guys sort of breezed through the plots of 3, CVX, and 0 though. I would like to hear more opinions on the stories. :)

    Since you guys are doing the all encompassing RE podcast, are you planning on talking about the movies? Live action and CG?

    I love hearing about everyone’s first experiences with the series. I remember the first time I saw a RE game. My cousin was really into RE, but because I hated scary games, I never payed ’em any attention. One day he came up to me, all excited, and said, “Come here, you just HAVE to see this!”. He dragged me into the other room in order to show me the opening cinematic of Code Veronica for the Dreamcast. I thought it was incredible, so naturally, I wanted him to show me the actual game. Unfortunately, he did. Needless the say, the game looked and played nothing like the opening cinematic, and the section that he showed me…let’s just say it didn’t do the game any favors. I was turned off RE for life.

    Or so I thought.

    A few years later, that same cousin dragged me into his room to show me another RE game. He was, once again, really excited.

    “I hate scary games, especially Resident Evil. I’m not interested.”, I said.

    “Just play it for a few minutes. Please?”, he asked.

    It was the demo for Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube.

    For the first time while playing a “scary” game, I wasn’t scared. At least, not scared enough to stop playing. It was a different kind of fear than other horror games; a sort of exhilarated fear. I wanted to keep playing. I wanted to find out what happened next; I wanted to know who was behind the paper bag. (chainsaw guy) Plus, the game actually controlled well and looked amazing.

    From that moment on, I was turned on to RE for life and I’ve since gone back and played through some of the earlier REs. I still haven’t played all of them yet, but I’m working on it. ;p

  12. jeffk says:

    Okay, so after listening to this episode, I’m really itching to go back and check out the first RE game. Is there a consensus as to the best current version (Wii remake, DS remake, etc.)?

    • Monkey0111 says:

      The GC/Wii remake is INCREDIBLE, and is regarded as one of the best RE games. Supposedly, (I haven’t played the original version) there are many sections that are completely different from the original.

      You might want to play the original and then, sometime after that, play the REmake. In this episode, cvxfreak said something about the DS version maybe being the best, so I would try that.

  13. Mikey says:

    Crow. How do you like it? Rare or well-done?

  14. Matt C. says:

    Long time listener, first time poster.

    Been a huge fan of Mr. MacDonald ever since he gave it to Dyack straight about the E3 Too Human demo.

    The recent Resident Evil segment pulled me out of my shell and forced me to comment. I’ve been a fan of the series for years. RE: Director’s Cut was the first disc that ever spun in my PS1.

    During the podcast, at the mention of Silent Hill, Resident Evil was given tons of credit for setting the standard and more or less inventing the 3-D survival horror genre. However, the first time I played through RE1 I couldn’t help but notice that large parts seemed to have been lifted from Alone in the Dark, a game I had played several years earlier.

    A few examples: Fixed camera angles. 2-D pre-rendered backgrounds. Cumbersome tank controls. Spooky mansion setting. Back-story revealed through notes and books. The choice between male and female protagonists. Holding one button to raise and aim your weapon and another to fire. Crazy dog monsters smashing through windows and chasing you down incredibly similar-looking hallways with exactly the same camera angle. Puzzles and items that completely defy any logical reason for their own existence.

    I love Resident Evil, and I’m not trying to say that Alone in the Dark is in any way superior. But come on. At least give it a shout out in your next RE talk, wontcha?

    Love the podcast and your localizations. Keep up the good work!

  15. flexx29 says:

    where is part 2?

  16. I have to help to make concessions about creating the sense of being unsatisfied.

  17. JetPilot says:

    Found this via 1UP’s Resident Evil Cover Story link. Is there a part 2? I searched the archives and could not find it.

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