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8-4 Play 9/30/2010: WAIT FOR SPACEWORLD

Fresh from Nintendo’s big 3DS (re-)unveiling in Tokyo, the 8-4 crew is ready to drop all kinds of knowledge on the upcoming portable picked up at and after the show. Opinions on the price and date? You got it. Breakdown of all the new hardware features? Natch. Analysis of games and other announcements? Sure. List of questions used to point out show highlights? Done.

Running time: 1:05:41

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Time – Topic Discussed:
2:15 – 3DS: The hardware
37:53 – 3DS (and a little Wii): The software
1:00:30 – Closing comments

Once again we’re a week early – sorry about that! (We’re still not sure what “biweekly” actually means – we’re working on it.) And as always, we love and desperately want/need/lust for your feedback. We said we’d start discussing comments on this week’s episode, but we decided to hold off for now so we could keep the focus on 3DS. But we’ll get to it…soon! (Probably next time, but we’ve learned our lesson! No more promises!)

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