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8-4 Play 12/10/2010: JUMP THE SHARQ

Let’s make this perfectly clear: Like Kinect, sauerkraut, and inverted controls, this special holiday episode of 8-4 Play is not for everyone. How can you know? Take our simple quiz: 1. Do you enjoy Monster Hunter? 2. Are you curious about Monster Hunter? 3. Would you like to hear almost two hours of talk about one of Japan’s biggest gaming franchises in the last decade? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, enjoy. If not, please listen to an older episode again and let’s just forget this ever happened.

Running time: 1:48:58

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Time – Topic Discussed:
7:18 – Monster Hunter 101
18:50 – Monster Hunter Fever in Japan
34:46 – Online Play with Monster Hunter
41:18 – History of Monster Hunter
48:38 – The “Claw” Technique
51:14 – Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
1:06:34 – Listener Feedback
1:44:43 – Closing Comments!


Rabbit or koala? You decide!

The creature you see above is Urukususu, one of the new monsters in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. JJ thinks he looks like a koala; John thinks he looks like a rabbit. What do YOU, our beautiful, attentive, zoologically-proficient listeners think? Let us know down below in the comments!

And while you’re still with us, here’s a list of music used in our previous episode:

Intro: Pac-Man: The Animated Series – Main theme
Break: Final Fantasy IV – Battle 2
Ending: Queen – Te wo Toriatte (Let us Cling Together)

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Thanks for listening!