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After an extended holiday break filled with snow, sake, and SASUKE! (look it up), the 8-4some is back and they got some ‘splainin’ to do! (:LAUGHTER:) Good thing former EGM and Turn 10 hipster Che “China Warrior” Chou joins in to talk iPhone game shame, his personal wall of give a s*** — basically ANYTHING but his current workplace (Microsoft’s 343 Industries) and their shadowy Halo project. Come for the New Year’s cards, stay to hear what a former Forza guy thinks of Gran Turismo 5 (oh no he de-ent!). (:LAUGHTER:)

Running time: 1:27:02

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Time – Topic Discussed:
7:00 – What We’ve Been Playing
18:26 – (shudder) iPhone Game Discussion
29:36 – Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy XIV
37:25 – Dragon Quest IX, Legend of Zelda, Hiroko’s “injury”
52:41 – Japanese New Year’s Postcards
57:30 – Heavy Rain + Move
1:04:21 – Game of the Year Talk (don’t get excited, it’s not much)
1:10:52 – Nintendo World 2011 Preview
1:12:28 – Mark’s Monster Hunter EGM Review
1:21:15 – Halo 4 Talk + Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

12/10/2010: JUMP THE SHARQ
Intro: Monster Hunter – Proof of a Hero
Break 1: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd – Mountain Stream battle theme
Break 2: Monster Hunter Tri – Lagiacrus
Ending: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd – Zinogre’s theme

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