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8-4 Play 3/23/2012: SICK R US

With Gaming Jesus bedridden from an evil GDC pox and both JJ and Hiroko fighting off the flu, we thought about taking the week off. But then, like an angel from Heaven above, our intern showed up at the door with three pre-release copies of Kid Icarus: Uprising, and all the pain and suffering went away. Listen to a half hour’s worth of spoiler-free discussion on the 3DS’s first major release of 2012, along with follow-up thoughts on Journey (also spoiler-free!), quick impressions of PixelJunk 4AM and Lollipop Chainsaw, some scattershot news and GDC thoughts, and more talk from Hiroko than you’ve heard in the last 10 episodes combined.

Running time: 1:25:39

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Time – Topic Discussed:
4:54 – 8-4 at GDC 2012
13:20 – World Game Project Fes Vol 2: Lollipop Chainsaw, Pixeljunk 4am
23:39 – Kid Icarus: Uprising
53:00 – Journey
1:05:11 – News: Mass Effect Ending, Dark Souls PC, Nomura on Versus XIII, Giant Bomb Joins Gamespot
1:21:17 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 3/9/2012: JOURNEY TO VITA HEAVEN
Intro: Dvorak – Symphony no. 9 Allegro con Fuoco
Break: Austin Wintory – Journey Music Trailer
Ending: Sega Sound Team – Phantasy Star Online 2 Trailer music

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