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8-4 Play 1/11/2013: PRO-GEAR SPEC

Ake-ome-koto-yoro! (Japanese for “Happy New Year!”) We’re back to our typical fo-matto (“format”) to talk about Level 5’s latest, Fantashi Raifu (“Fantasy Life”). We also get into atsui (“heated”) discussions over Steam Box, Nvidia’s Shield, Nintendo stuff, Pokémon X and Y, the Neo-Geo X handheld, and all sorts of other shinjouhou (“news”). Jaa ne bye bye! (“bye bye!”)

Running time: 2:37:56

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Time – Topic Discussed:

15:04 – Fantasy life
33:17 – Super Metroid and Game Center CX
42:51 – Zombie U
49:44 – Walking Dead
54:30 – Ecstasy of Order
59:57 – Steam Box, Nvidia Shield and the future
1:23:47 – John’s Apple Utopia
1:40:34 – Pokémon X and Y
1:41:47 – Pikimin 3
1:44:08 – Animal Crossing Sales
1:51:47 – Wii U Sales
1:59:08 – Demon’s Souls
2:02:12 – Skulls of the Shogun release date
2:07:43 – Kamiya vs Kotaku
2:11:52 – Sega Deleting Shining Videos
2:19:57 – Neo Geo Gold X
2:30:47 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 12/28/2012: BOX OF CHOCOLATES
Intro: Nobuyuki Shimizu, Kemmei Adachi – Theme song (LocoRoco
Break: Charles Deenen – Level 2 Theme (M.C. Kids)
Ending: Mutato Muzika, Mark Mothersbaugh, Josh Mancell – Menu Screen (CTR: Crash Team Racing)

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