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8-4 Play 2/21/2014: I CHOOSE YOU, AAJST(????

Metal Gear Solid translator Jeremy Blaustein and Sega honcho Ethan Einhorn join us on the eve of the Japanese PS4 launch to talk about their illustrious careers (Jaleco! Konami! Sega!), the latest games we’ve been playing (Titanfall! Strider! Left Behind!), and all the news that’s fit to…uh, recite (Twitch Plays Pokemon! Nintendo Direct! PS4 Launch!). Have at it!

Running time: 3:47:15

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Time – Topic Discussed:

10:22 – Titanfall
17:22 – Strider
19:49 – DayZ
31:40 – Flappy Bird
41:44 – Jeremy Blaustein Talks Localization
1:34:37 – Ethan Einhorn Talks Sega
2:54:05 – Twitch Plays Pokemon
3:05:12 – Nintendo Direct
3:17:57 – Irrational Games Closing
3:19:49 – PlayStation 4 Japan Launch
3:37:17 – The Flappy Bird Aftermath
3:41:17 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 2/7/2014: CLICK HERE TO RATE US 5 STARS
Intro: Peter McConnell – Shellmound Festival (Broken Age)
Break: Motoi Sakuraba – Firelink Shrine (Dark Souls)
Ending: Felix & Marius CopyCat – The Flappy Bird Song

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