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Dragon Quest VII & VIII, Zelda, Zelda, ZELDA, Fallout 4, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Bob Ross on Twitch, Starfox Zero, Fire Emblem Fates and everything Nintendo Direct, Xbox backwards compatibility, and more!

Running Time: 2:12:05

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Time – Topic Discussed:

15:30 – John’s Retro Collection
38:00 – Fallout 4
47:45 – Xenoblade Chronicles X
52:33 – Hoshi no Dragon Quest
59:09 – Bloodborne Patch News
1:02:00 – Nintendo Badge Center
1:05:41 – Nintendo Direct Predictions
1:10:51 – Nintendo Direct
1:40:08 – Nintendo Mobile Games
1:42:55 – Indivisible
1:45:22 – News: Hatoful Boyfriend Plushies, To Love a Skeleton, Hatsune Mike Tour, Women Own Consoles, Game Awards, Xbox One BC
1:54:20 – Activision Blizzard – Restoring Games, Call of Movies, Buying King
1:57:06 – News: Helldivers on Steam, Chinese Contra, Phantom Limb Project, Bob Ross on Twitch, Swery’s Vacation
2:02:50 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 10/30/2015: NINTENDO DEFENSE FORCE
Intro: Toby Fox – Hopes and Dreams (Undertale)
Break: Eirik Suhrke – Mochiyasan (Downwell)
Ending: Tekken 7 announcement trailer music

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