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8-4 Play 5/4/2018: BEET STREET

It’s Golden Week at 8-4! But we gather around the podcast table to talk TV shows, comic book movies, and video games just the same! Mostly video games though, honest.

8-4 Play 05/04/2018: BEET STREET

Running Time: 1:42:34

Time – Topic Discussed:

22:19 – John’s latest gathering
4:22 – Aggretsuko & Pop Team Epic
8:18 – Masa’s borscht
12:26 – Marvel movies
16:56 – Earthbound
20:04 – Dark Souls III
25:05 – Fallout 4
31:23 – Monster Hunter World DLC
38:38 – Roy’s Granblue CD
44:23 – God of War
49:27 – Nintendo Labo
1:02:59 – News: The numbers from Nintendo’s latest financial report, Kimishima stepping down, our thoughts on Dragalia Lost, and why delivering pizzas might be a good way to get into game design. (Unless it’s Little Ceasars.)
1:36:49 – Closing comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 04/20/2018: SPANX FOR THE MEMORIES
Intro: Yasunori Mitsuda – Flight (Xenogears)
Break: Kurt Hartland – Whiplast Main Theme (Whiplash)
Ending: Tenpei Sato – Akai Tsuki (Disgaea)

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