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8-4 Play 1/24/2020: OH MY CAR

It’s delay season, folks, and everyone is sad. But we’re playing the new Yakuza, so it’s not all bad!

8-4 Play 1/24/2020: OH MY CAR

Running Time: 1:55:03

Time – Topic Discussed:

1:33 – Nicknames
15:24 – Ryu ga Gotoko 7
37:05 – River City Girls
41:47 – 198X
45:45 – Wattam
58:25 – Demon’s Tilt
1:01:03 – Hotel Dusk: Room 215
1:07:51 – News: Delays, delays, delays! Also Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC, Smash updates, AGDQ, and more!
1:48:39 – Closing comments

And now, here’s the music we used in THIS episode!

Intro: Enemy Encounter Theme – Hideki Sakamoto (Yakuza: Like a Dragon)
Break: Desert Highway – Satoshi Okubo (Hotel Dusk: Room 215)
Ending: Detention – Chipzel (River City Girls)

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