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8-4 Play 1/8/2021: 1-900-HOT-CURL

First episode of 2021! This week we talk about our experiences in radio, the lifestyle that is Sasuke, the life of Saruman, and maybe some video games.

8-4 Play 1/8/2021: 1-900-HOT-CURL

Running Time: 1:23:57

Time – Topic Discussed:

02:31 – Nicknames
20:10 – The Lord of the Rings movie & book talk (***CONTAINS SPOILERS***)
28:04 – Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
32:30 – Breath of Fire 3
36:49 – Read Dead Online
37:46 – Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)
44:04 – Awesome Games Done Quick (so far)
48:05 – News: The End of those GoKart tours, Miis & Breath of the Wild NPCs, Nier: Automata’s final secret, and more!

And now, here’s the music we used in THIS episode!

Intro: Rainbow Road – Shiho Fujii (Mario Kart 8)
Ending: Do Your Best! – Akari Kaida (Breath of Fire III)

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