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8-4 Play 12/24/2021: HAPPY=HOLIDAYS

Can’t travel home this year? Let us be your slightly drunk and very opinionated family as we blather on about old Sega games, The Game Awards, and those g-d politicians who are RUINING THIS COUNTRY!

8-4 Play 12/24/2021: HAPPY=HOLIDAYS

Running Time: 01:40:47

Time – Topic Discussed:

01:19 – Nicknames
20:42 – John’s Stuff
34:15 – Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker
51:37 – The Game Awards Recap
01:16:12 – Final Fantasy VI delay, Analogue Pocket orders, fond memories, and more!

And now, here’s the music we used in this episode!

Ending: Welcome To Christmas NiGHTS – Tomoko Sasaki, Naofumi Hataya (Christmas NiGHTS)

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