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8-4 Play 5/12/2023: OUT FOR ZELDA

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Running Time: 01:27:19

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 01:58 – Nicknames
  • 11:28 – Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters
  • 19:09 – Hollow Knight
  • 28:58 – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
  • 37:12 – Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes
  • 47:41 – Tunic
  • 1:03:41 – News: Redfall disappoints, PS5 sales and a liiiiiiitle bit more.
  • 1:06:55 – Mario Bros Movie Impressions (Yes, there are spoilers)

And now, here’s the music we used in this episode!

Intro: Mid-Boss – Mieko Ishikawa, Masaaki Kawai (Dragon Slayer – The Legend of Heroes)
Dung Defender – Christopher Larkin (Hollow Knight)

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