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8-4 Play 6/23/2023: EIKONIC BEHAVIOR

Folks – WE GOT ONE!! Nintendo must’ve gotten all your calls and letters, because they dropped a Direct BEFORE recording for once! Thrill to fresh-off-the-grill Hot Takes on all that shiz, plus Xbox and Summer Games talk, FF16 demo impressions, and more!

Running Time: 01:27:17

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 00:48 – Nicknames
  • 02:50 – Tears of the Kingdom
  • 08:02 – Final Fantasy XVI
  • 28:12 – John at the RGG Summit
  • 37:37 – News: Summer Game Fest highlights, the Nintendo Direct, and more!

And now, here’s the music we used in this episode!

Intro: Battle Theme – Masayoshi Soken (Final Fantasy XVI)
Ending: And My Name’s Booster – Yoko Shimomura (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)

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