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8-4 Play 9/15/2023: WE GOT ‘EM

Thought you could sneak another Nintendo Direct and State of Play past us, did you? Well, NOT THIS TIME! We zigged where the big corporations zagged and decided to record a mini-ep at the crack of 8am today, just for you. Tune in for quick and dirty impressions of everything we all JUST SAW and start building the hype for next week’s Tokyo Game Show extravaganza!

Running Time: 00:52:22

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 01:57 – Nicknames
  • 07:45 – Sony State of Play
  • 21:58 – Nintendo Direct

And now, here’s the music we used in this episode!

Intro: Mute City – Yumiko Kanki, Naoto Ishida (F-Zero)
Ending: Theme Song “J.A.M. Densha de Densha de GO!GO!GO!” – J.A.M. -Jankie as Machine- (FEEDBACK BABI, JANKIE KAMATY, Dr.HAGGY), karu. (ZUNTATA) (Densha de GO!)

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