Want to work at 8-4? Keep an eye on this page for any current or upcoming openings.

Current Job Listings

There are no open positions at the moment. Check back soon!


How can I work for 8-4?
We generally offer three types of employment: full-time, freelance, or part-time. (And on occasion, internships—more on that below.) We’ll post any open positions here on this page, but just to share some basics: full-time and part-time employees typically work in our office in Tokyo (though at present, due to COVID we are largely working from home until it feels safe enough to return to the office). Positions run the gamut from translators to project managers to HR, accounting, and more.
We work with a lot of freelancers, too! Mostly translators and editors, but occasionally other positions as well. If you’re interested in applying to our freelancer pool, you can contact us at jobs@8-4 with a resume and a cover letter. Unfortunately we cannot respond to every application we receive, but we do see them all, and will keep all applications on file in case any specific freelancer needs arise.

I heard you do internships?
It depends on our current workload and what kind of space we have available at any given time, but we do offer internships from time to time. If we have an opening for one, you’ll know about it from the listing on this very page.

Do I need to know Japanese?
It depends on the position! For some positions it’s helpful but not required; for others, it’s a must. A strong grasp of Japanese customs, work practices, conbini sandwiches, and of course the language itself is definitely encouraged, though. For translator positions, although formal certification is not strictly required, proficiency equivalent to JLPT N1 is necessary.

Where is 8-4 located?
The office (also known as 8-4 Towers) is located in southwest Tokyo, just 10 minutes by train from Shibuya Station – but our team, including employees and contractors, are all around the world!

Can I come visit you? I’ll bring cake!
Although we deeply appreciate the offers of cake and brandy, please do not attempt to visit our office unless expressly invited – we do actually need to get some work done around here!