Glory of Heracles Review Roundup

Glory of Heracles is out now for the Nintendo DS

Here’s what some very smart, and probably quite attractive, people are saying about our work on Nintendo’s Glory of Heracles:

“Glory of Heracles peppers its dialogue with great attitude and humor, plus a few requisite in-jokes for long time Nintendo fans.”

“…its comedic style is refreshing and keeps the action upbeat..”

“This to me was more of a hook than the main story itself (surprise–only your party can save the world from total destruction!), and it helped me stay interested throughout the 30-hour (not accounting for side quests) adventure. The good dialogue has a lot to do with it, and the references to other Nintendo games are especially nice treats. The writing also helps compensate for the visuals.”
–Nintendo Power

“The game’s localization team also deserves a lot of credit for making the tone of the game’s dialogue and even tutorials very self-aware and grounded in plucky (and, to some chagrin, “punny”) humor. The writers even acknowledge, sometimes to detriment, the cliche and arduous nature of the game and its characters, with protagonists noting in separate occasions how “an amnesiac hero? Such a cliche!” and, after several unplanned detours, “This is the longest trip to Mount Olympus ever!” There are cheesier riffs, too, such as, “Don’t be a heel, Achilles!” and “That’s as serious as a staring contest with Medusa!”, but everything’s consistently in good fun and makes Glory of Heracles’ story fun for young, first-time RPG-ers and kids-at-heart.”