Monster Hunter Tri Review Roundup

Monster Hunter Tri out now for Nintendo Wii

Here’s what reviewers are saying about our work on Capcom’s Monster Hunter Tri:

“The single player game offers an enjoyable experience, with a simple but well written story (seriously, the writing in this game is excellent) moving things along.”

“To the translators’ credit, the minimal dialogue required to disseminate the metric tons of tutorial material, and get you your missions, is witty, playful, and to the point.”

“Really, there are so many more praiseworthy aspects of Capcom’s latest monster hunting title – features like witty dialogue…”

“The non-player characters (NPCs) you interact with often offer witty and humorous comments…”

“Time advances in the village only when you sleep (cue that adorable bed animation) or when you hunt, so feel free to potter around and soak up the exceptionally localised dialogue.”
Video Game Daily

“Even through the frustrating elements, though, the game’s text is always entertaining to read, thanks to the excellent work of 8-4, who’s quickly establishing itself as one of the premier localizers in the industry — even comparing favorably to the likes of Nintendo and Atlus. …Monster Hunter helps bring the bustling Bronze Age village to life with witty quips and puns.”