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8-4 Play 10/7/2010: GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE

Former Nintendo, Sega, EA, Zombie, Irem, Boss, and Enix superstar Jake Kazdal (now of indie newcomer Haunted Temple Studios) joins the 8-4-some to talk about his experiences working his way up the game industry ladder, from having the dream job of being a Nintendo game counselor in the 80’s to…having the dream job of working on Space Channel 5 and Rez with Tetsuya Mizuguchi in Tokyo.

Running time: 1:11:25

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Time – Topic Discussed:
5:50 – Intros, current events
27:00 – Jake Kazdal: The Man, The Myth, The…guy who played the Super NES before any of us (lucky SOB)
1:05:25 – Closing comments

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