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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the NES, 8-4 invites retro gaming legend Kevin “tsr” Gifford, founder of tsr’s NES archive and keeper of the world’s largest collection of obscure game knowledge, to take us back (back… back…) to the 80s to talk about the birth of the era’s most popular 8-Bit system. But before that, listen to round-ups of the recent Level-5 and Grasshopper events in Japan, thoughts on Costume Quest, Vanquish, Limbo, La Mulana, and Game Dev Story, and the sad tale of Mr. Gifford’s epic attempt to clear the Tower of Druaga on a single coin…

Running time: 3:07:22

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Time – Topic Discussed:
13:19 – Level-5 Vision 2010 event
35:25 – Hopper’s 4 event
47:40 – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
48:50 – Costume Quest/Limbo
1:04:28 – Vanquish
1:10:30 – La Mulana
1:18:30 – Game Dev Story
1:28:03 – Kevin’s Tower of Druaga Journey
1:42:50 – Happy Birthday NES
3:04:14 – Closing comments

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