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8-4 Play 4/22/2011: PROJECT CAFÉ OLÉ

What’s this? An episode of 8-4 Play where the crew actually talks about what they do all day: game translatin’? Believe it, spoony bard! Localization legend Richard Honeywood, he of such Square Enix favorites as Xenogears, Chrono Cross, and Dragon Quest VIII, joins us to talk shop, 64DD development, and being best buds (well, buds) with Nintendo prez Satoru Iwata. And speaking of Nintendo — did someone say Project Café? Tune in for idle speculation on the big N’s rumored Wii successor system, along with thoughts on Capcom’s Captivate games, Sonic Generations, and plenty more.

Running time: 2:16:36

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Time – Topic Discussed:
00:34 – General BS and Snuggie Talk
12:26 – News
1:04:01 – Richard Honeywood Chat
2:10:18 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

Intro: Akira Yamaoka – Silent Hill (Opening Theme of Silent Hill)
Break: Kazutoshi Iida – Power to the People
Ending: Hip Tanaka – Rocket Ship Ride (Ending Theme of Super Mario Land)

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