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8-4 Play 8/12/2011: ALL NEWS IS GOOD NEWS

In which our heroes discuss: Armored Core V and Dark Souls pushed back, Xenoblade Chronicles moved up, PlayStation Vita coming right on time (sorta), 3DS sales rising (used), 3DS sales falling (new), 3DS sales rising again (post-price drop), addiction to EVO streams, ham withdrawal, what’s good about Peter Moore, what’s bad about Skyrim, who and what will and won’t be at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, and pictures of your Love Plus girlfriend in her santa outfit.

Running time: 1:43:38

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Time – Topic Discussed:
15:34 – News: Iwata’s Comments to Investors, 3DS Price Drop, Love Plus Photo Club
51:06 – Looking Back on Evo2k11
1:03:00 – TGS News: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Absence, Vita Release Date, Disgaea 3 for Vita
1:38:08 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 7/29/2011: $169.99
Intro: The Price is Right Theme Song
Ending: Minna no Rhythm Tengoku – Wrestler Interview

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