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8-4 Play 5/18/2012: CLICK CLICK CLICK

The 8-4 gang goes all Project Icebreaker on Camouflaj’s Ryan Payton to dig up the dirt on Kickstarter, Republique and the 8-4 bump, Diablo 3, Soul Sacrifice, Capcom’s DLC woes, the appeal of DOTA2, the rise and fall of the “Comp Gatcha”, E.X. (or ex-?) Troopers, Devil’s Third, and bacon-loving twitter bots.

Running time: 2:30:07

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Time – Topic Discussed:
13:19 – Diablo III
44:10 – Soul Sacrifice
53:55 – News: Capcom
1:09:55 – Kickstarter
1:45:30 – News: Minecraft XBLA, Valve vs. Blizzard, Project Icebreaker, Devil’s Third, Comp Gatcha
2:23:30 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 5/3/2012: SWEET 17
Intro: Tadayoshi Makino – Title Theme (Dragon’s Dogma)
Break 1: DJ Makyo – PAX East Trailer (Skulls of the Shogun)
Break 2: Hiroshi Yamaguchi – The Greatest Jubilee (Bayonetta)
Ending: Joe Hisaishi – Ni No Kuni English Trailer

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