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Dokuro, Virtue’s Last Reward, Phantasy Star Online 2, more Dark Souls, a little Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, GDC speeches, PS4 announcement aftermath, Miyamoto interviews, possible Shenmue kickstarters, Skullgirls kickstarter, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate cross-region play, Umihara Kawase, and more!

Running time: 1:54:03

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Time – Topic Discussed:

11:01 – Dokuro
17:13 – Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
22:54 – GDC Speeches
30:57 – Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita
49:36 – Dark Souls
57:40 – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate
1:05:00 – Playstation 4
1:22:00 – News: WoW Movie, Vita Sales, Sakurai’s Arm, David Hayter, Miyamoto Interviews, Shenmue 3, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
1:45:30 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 2/22/2013: ANDREW HOUSE PARTY
Intro: Masaya Matsuura – PaRappa’s Live RAP
Ending: Michael Nyman – Larua’s Theme (Enemy Zero)

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