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8-4 Play 4/19/2013: TOUGH LOVE

And now for something a little different: special guests Ryan Payton (Republique) and Chris Kohler (Wired GameLife) join the gang for an epic, sprawling — and at times heated — discussion focusing on retro game collecting, indie game development, and the present and future of the Wii U, with pit stops on Guacamelee, Tomodachi Collection 3DS, Dark Souls II, Yoshi’s Island 3DS, Monster Hunter Online, Earthbound, and Link to the Past 2. HNNNGH.

Running time: 3:05:10

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Time – Topic Discussed:

7:30 – Guest Talk 1: Game Collecting
27:55 – Guest Talk 2: Republique and the Future of Consoles
56:15 – Tomodachi Collection 3DS
1:04:00 – Guacamelee
1:16:00 – State of the Nintendo Union
2:19:00 – Nintendo Direct
2:48:30 – Monster Hunter Online
2:56:20 – Dark Souls II
2:58:45 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 4/5/2013: TERN THIS MUTHA OUT
Intro: Kazunaka Yamane – Chins Theme (Double Dragon)
Break: Garry Schyman – God Only Knows (Barbershop Quartet) (Bioshock Infinite)
Ending: MC Hammer – Turn this Mutha Out

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