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8-4 Play 4/17/2015: WHOSE DAMN SHOW?

Danganronpa, Hotline Miami 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dark Souls II, Bloodborne, Neko Atsume, Level-5 Vision, Monster Hunter Stories, Fatality-gate, and more!

Running Time: 2:15:26

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Time – Topic Discussed:

6:40 – Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
15:06 – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
23:48 – Dragon Age: Inquisition
32:05 – Bloodborne
52:12 – Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin Edition, Destiny
1:00:00 – Neko Atsume
1:15:58 – Leve-5 Vision : Yo-kai Watch 3, Yo-kai Watch Busters, Yo-kai Watch x Three Kingdoms
1:23:55 – Layton 7, Fantasy Life, The Snack World
1:30:05 – Monster Hunter Stories, Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, Mortal Kombat X
1:44:10 – Guitar Hero Live, Quantum Break, New Xbox One Features, Tomb Raider
1:49:25 – LEGO Dimensions, Apple Watch
1:54:45 – Splatoon, TwitchCon, Shovel Knight, Project X Zone 2, Battle for Video Game Past
2:04:16 – Closing Comments

And now…a list of music used in our previous episode!

8-4 Play 4/3/2015: THE ‘BORNE SUPREMACY
Intro: Ozzie Osbourne – Bark at the Moon
Break: Yuka Tsujiyoko – Chaos Ablaze (Fire Emblem : Awakening)
Ending: Mötley Crüe – Home Sweet Home (Theatre of Pain)

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