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8-4 Play 12/14/2018: SMASHING THROUGH THE SNOW

Smash Ultimate, Christmas memories, and Sonic’s new look!

8-4 Play 12/14/2018: SMASHING THROUGH THE SNOW

Running Time: 1:40:59

Time – Topic Discussed:

2:51 – Smash Ultimate
40:36 – Fallout 76
44:44 – Yakuza
47:10 – Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
48:41 – Romancing SaGa Re; Universe
52:06 – Spider-Man
54:50 – News: the Sonic movie, The Game Awards, Panzer Dragoon remasters, and more
1:21:28 – Video game Christmas memories
1:35:21 – Closing Comments

And now, here’s the music we used in THIS episode!

Intro: Lost Painting (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate remix)
Ending: Abby Trott – Lifelight (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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