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8-4 Play 10/25/2019: SHI-BOO-YA

Special guest Alex Aniel joins us for a very spooooky almost-Halloween episode.

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8-4 Play 10/25/2019: SHI-BOO-YA

Running Time: 1:38:29

Time – Topic Discussed:

10:36 – Joker hot takes
18:38 – Alex’s book and OG Resident Evil 2 livestream
38:30 – Ring Fit Adventure
52:26 – Indivisible
58:55 – Red Dead Online
1:05:07 – News: Shibuya Halloween, Analogue Pocket, Tokyo’s first Nintendo Store, R-Type Final 2 ships
1:34:13 – Closing comments

And now, here’s the music we used in THIS episode!

Intro: Main Theme – Hiroki Kikuta (Indivisible)
Break: Battle (Ring Fit Adventure)
Ending: Escape Alarm – Masami Ueda (Resident Evil 2)

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