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8-4 Play 5/1/2020: MANA’S BEST FRIEND

Brand new audio, same old cast. Well, besides Roy and Derm. So basically not the same old cast. Anyway, grab a beverage and saddle up (indoor) poolside as we celebrate Golden Week responsibly and put our new trial audio engineer’s skills to the test.

8-4 Play 5/1/2020: MANA’S BEST FRIEND

Running Time: 1:20:51

Time – Topic Discussed:

2:55 – Nicknames
10:01 – Final Fantasy VII Remake
11:50 – Animal Crossing New Horizons
23:59 – Trials of Mana
33:01 – Sakura Wars
38:59 – News: The Last of Us 2 leaks, NieR Re[in]carnation, rumors of a PS5 reveal, and more!
1:13:00 – Closing comments

And now, here’s the music we used in THIS episode!

Intro: Meridian Child – Hiroki Kikuta (Trials of Mana)
Ending: Segata Sanshiro Theme – (Sega Saturn Advertisement)

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