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8-4 Play 3/19/2021: OUT OF SYNC

This week we bravely default to talking about Japan, games, and Japanese games! Plus a bit of reminiscing about boy bands, print gaming media, and some classic puzzle platformers.

8-4 Play 3/19/2021: OUT OF SYNC

Running Time: 1:24:48

Time – Topic Discussed:

00:58 – Nicknames
27:19 – Bravely Default II
38:40 – Don’t Starve Together
44:45 – Little Nightmare 2, Inside, & Limbo (***Limbo Spoilers***)
51:28 – News: Bethesda Joins Microsoft, Super Nintendo World, Apex Legends on Switch and more!

And now, here’s the music we used in this episode!

Intro: Seth Special Movie Theme – Sound Horizon (Bravely Default 2)
Ending: Danger – Vince de Vera (Don’t Starve Together)

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