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8-4 Play 3/22/2024: I CAN FX HIM

Sakura buds yet / Play shy, and yet here the games / Blossom for us all / Mars After Midnight / PC-FX Weebo shit / Sand Land / Rando news / You can stop counting syllables

Running Time: 01:21:24

Time — Topic Discussed

01:17 – Nicknames
15:20 – Cavern of Dreams
21:14 – Sand Land demo
27:04 – Dragon Quest XI
29:17 – JP’s new PC-FX
38:34 – Mars After Midnight
56:22 – Llama Soft: The Jeff Minter Story
1:06:10 – News: PS5 Pro Leaks, Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance release date bumped, and more!


And now, here’s the music we used in this episode!

Intro: Zeroigar-00 – Kazuhiro Ogawa & Hideaki Mitsui (Choushin Heiki Zeroigar )

Ending: Theme Song – Lucas Pope (Mars After Midnight)

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