8-4 News


Interview: Japan’s Comeback Game

Check out Channel News Asia’s documentary about Japan’s place in the global video game market, Japan’s Comeback Game, and you might spot a familiar face! The full documentary is available to watch online here: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/watch/japans-comeback-game

Interview: What It’s Like to Localize a Yoko Taro Video Game

8-4’s own John Ricciardi talked to VICE about what it’s like to localize a Yoko Taro game, spanning the full NieR series from 2010’s NieR Gestalt to 2021’s NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Check out the full interview here!

The Joystiq Show: Localization of the Damned

Mark joins the crew of The Joystiq Show to talk about our work localizing Shadows of the Damned and a range of other topics. You can listen to it here: The Joystiq Show

games™: The Outsiders

British mag games™ showcased us in a big feature about video game consulting (even put a picture of us on the opening spread!). Unfortunately there is no web version of the article, but you can buy the issue on Imagine’s eshop “Imagineshop” here: games™ Issue 107

Akibatteru Video Interview

We were featured in an edition of Akibatteru — a YouTube show about all things Japan! Their Hiroko interviews our Hiroko and the rest of the gang about our localization process. You even get a small tour of the 8-4 towers! Check it out: Or you can find it at Akibatteru’s official YouTube channel: Akibatteru

Kotaku: Found in Translation

The guys over at Kotaku talked to us about the kind of changes games can undergo during the localization process. What kind of changes? Find out for yourself over at Kotaku

Amusement: East Fail

Well lookee here — we were interviewed by super-awesome French video game magazine Amusement as a part of their feature on eastern vs. western games! Here’s the excerpt in its original French. (Short translation: AMUSEMENT: Why are you so awesome? 8-4: Oh, you.) Intermediaire indispensable entre les createurs japonais et les joueurs occidentaux, l’etape de…

Glory of Heracles Interviews!

Check out a big ol’ mess of interviews we did with Nintendo’s Rich Amtower about our experience localizing Glory of Heracles for the Nintendo DS. Click any of the links below to check ’em out: 1up.com Giant Bomb Digital Chumps Bitmob